Together we hear each other better!

By joining the LACI you will strengthen the community of CI wearers and all other hearing-impaired people in Luxembourg.

Do you wear a cochlear implant yourself or are you parents of a hearing-impaired child who is implanted or about to be implanted? Do you work professionally with hearing-impaired and / or implanted people, as a doctor, speech therapist, educator, audiologist or in another function ? With your full membership in LACI asbl, you set up contacts with other stakeholders or professionals and receive first-hand support and information. Furthermore, you enable their continuous support of affected children and adults, strengthen the political influence of people with hearing-impairments and ensure their representation of their interests. At the annual general assembly, the full members participate with voting rights and actively guide the orientation of the association.

As an honorary member, you can support our association on a permanent basis, without being bound to an active commitment.

Would you like to become a LACI member?

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Application for full membershipApplication for honorary membership
I am a CI wearer myselfI am the father / mother of a child wearing a CII work professionally with CI patients